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Counter Collective
is an authorized dealer and a certified fabricator of all solid surface poly-acrylic and polyester based products. The choice of solid surface over other surfacing materials (i.e granite) is simple. For over 5 decades the solid surface brands, most notably Dupont’s Corian, have been chosen for their careful balance of aesthetics and function.

With nearly 50 new brands and manufacturers offering the solid surface acrylic products, there has never been more options of colors to meet your fashion and aesthetic needs. Counter Collective has samples of all available colors and provides experienced knowledge of all manufacturers and styles.

Perhaps more important than the color of your surface is the function of your surface. How will it be used? How often do you clean? What is the intended purpose of your surface? All of these questions must be considered when purchasing any of the numerous materials in the market today. Solid Surface brands offer a product that is non-porous, cleans easily, seamless, warm, and repairable. Solid Surface is also known for its unique ability to accommodate integrated sinks and coved/fixed backsplashes; all of which help to minimize cleaning.

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